Forthcoming Concerts:

La Follia

Geminiani Concerto Grosso 'La Follia'
Górecki Harpsichord Concerto
Vaughan Williams Violin Concerto in D 'Concerto Academico'
Holst St Paul's Suite
Górecki 3 Pieces in Old Style
Vivaldi Concerto Grosso op.3 no.10 RV 580 in B minor
Britten Simple Symphony

‘La Follia’ – musical madness. Sometimes you just can’t fight it when music gets in your head and just goes round and round – this can be uplifting, maddening, or both! Should you succumb to ‘La Follia’ at this concert,  you’ll be guaranteed plenty of musical ‘ear-worms’, not least in Holst’s St. Paul Suite and Britten’s Simple Symphony, making sure that the Ensemble experience stays with your long after the concert.

Polish composer Henryk Górecki is most famous for his Symphony No. 3 of Sorrowful Songs, which holds the distinction of charting higher than Madonna in the early 1990s. A composer who rejected the atonality of 20th -century modernists, Górecki looked further back in time for inspiration: both to the history of classical music, and to the world of Polish folk melodies. In this concert we’ll be performing two of his works which are rooted in the past but whose beguiling melodies and ancient rhythms speak affectingly to a 21st-century audience. Come and experience another side to this fascinating Polish composer whose music was hidden from a large part of the world behind the Iron Curtain until the end of the 20th century.

These concerts are supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of Polska Music programme


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