SE Songbook at The Old Fruitmarket (The Herald)

Written by Michael TumeltyPublished on Sunday 17 May 2015**** THE loveliest night of the year, perhaps? You know, generally I would avoid like the plague being seen to presume what other people might think or like. Dangerous territory, when all of our responses to music are so individual and so different....

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SE Songbook at The Old Fruitmarket (TV Bomb)

Written by Alice ElmsPublished on Saturday 16 May 2015 It’s an absolute deluge of treats that the Scottish Ensemble has prepared for its Songbook concert in Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket, one that celebrates a distinctive ten years of the group’s work...

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Recording: Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich on Linn Records (The Herald)

  Written by Michael TumeltyPublished on Sunday 15 February 2015HERE'S an imperative for CD collectors and fans of the Scottish Ensemble. Released tomorrow is the orchestra's first recording on Linn Records in a decade. It is a stonker, with a characteristically big-boned, confident and (under the consummately...

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Recording: Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich on Linn Records (The Observer)

Written by Fiona MaddocksPublished on Sunday 22 February 2015 Built around a dozen string players, the Scottish Ensemble is a byword for vigorous music-making, combining the prowess of solo playing with the discipline of small-scale ensemble. Here they find connections and departure points in one Russian and one...

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Recording: Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich on Linn Records (The Telegraph)

  Written by Geoffrey Norris Published on Saturday 21 February 2015 Tchaikovsky's oft-recorded Serenade for Strings is given fresh impetus here by the Scottish Ensemble, rich in sonority, precise in articulation, mellifluous in the flow of string textures and dynamic shading. The phrasing of the waltz is...

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Recording: Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich on Linn Records (The Times)

  Written by Richard MorrisonPublished on Saturday 14 February 2015 The main interest here is Jonathan Morton's new string-orchestra arrangement of Shostakovich's Second String Quartet, with Morton himself leading the excellent Scottish Ensemble and playing the haunting, Jewish-inflected violin solo in the slow...

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Tchaikovsky/Shostakovich on Linn Records (Gramophone magazine)

Written by John WorrackPublished on Tuesday 30 January 2015 Coupling Tchaikovsky's Serenade with Shostakovich's Second Quartet seems eccentric even for an ensemble that, so the record blurb tells us, ‘habitually blends music from different ages, offering new perspectives and making unexpected connections'....

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Sax Serenade at City Halls (The Herald)

Written by Michael TumeltyPublished on Thursday 26 February 2015***** A few weeks ago, while listening to the Scottish Ensemble's electrifying new recording of Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony and Tchaikovsky's Serenade For Strings, there was a wee man in my head telling me that this was how they were going to do...

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Sax Serenade at The Queen's Hall (Bachtrack)

Published on Monday 23 February Written by David Smythe The Scottish Ensemble has a track record of picking really interesting artists to work with and certainly the unusual combination of classical saxophone with the Ensemble promised much more than curiosity value. Amy Dickson is a London based Australian...

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Sax Serenade at Caird Hall (Dundee Courier)

Published Monday 23 February 2015Written by Garry Fraser Once again thanks must go to the Scottish Ensemble for yet another musical experience, a trip into the unknown that was doubled by music that is tried and tested and has always been given top marks for performance and construction. The former was...

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