Love and War in Bohemia - Bachtrack

**** Published 24 February 2014 Bohemia lies in the geographical centre of eastern European turmoil and has weathered more than its fair share of political instability. It is a region that has produced and nurtured several major composers whose work was performed here at this themed concert of music depicting Love...

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Love and War in Bohemia - Dundee Courier

Sometimes it’s good to hear familiar performers in a less-than familiar venue. The Scottish Ensemble’s Edinburgh home is the Queen's Hall, but it really doesn’t matter where you hear them as the standard never dips. They are, and always will be, utterly peerless in their form of music and its...

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Love and War in Bohemia - The Herald

Published 25 February 2014 JONATHAN Morton, artistic director of the Scottish Ensemble, himself asked the question of the night in his introduction to the group's concert in Glasgow on Sunday: in a programme entitled Love And War In Bohemia, what on earth is Handel doing here? Morton's answer was disarmingly...

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Love and War in Bohemia - The Scotsman

* * * * Published 1 March 2014   THE Scottish Ensemble’s Love and War in Bohemia programme, which earlier this week toured Scotland and London’s Wigmore Hall, opened rather incongruously with a German cuckoo in the nest. Why start with Handel, who had nothing whatsoever to do with Bohemia? Well, it...

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Love and War in Bohemia - The Times

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh **** Published 26 February 2014 Hell truly hath no fury like a mezzo scorned. In a concert titled Love and War in Bohemia, a selection of Handel arias might seem substantially more than the detour Jonathan Morton, director of the Scottish Ensemble, termed it. But they were an awful lot of...

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Nordic Nights: Concerts by Candlelight - Bachtrack

**** Published 11 December 2013 Scandinavian passion from the Scottish Ensemble in Perth Our Scandinavian neighbours are increasingly peppering the news as we in Scotland benchmark ourselves with them ahead of the independence referendum in September next year. This “Nordic Nights” concert, candlelit...

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Nordic Nights: Concerts by Candlelight - Scots Magazine

Published 10 December 2013 Doing what comes naturally is a phrase that can easily be adopted by the Scottish Ensemble. From the baroque to the ultra contemporary, the ease with which they impart the most difficult music – rhythmically or in notation – leaves them in a class of their own when it comes to...

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Fin-de-Siecle and the Twilight of Tonality - The Scotsman

David Kettle * * * * Published 30 November 2013 It FELT a bit like slowly imbibing a bottle of fine vintage claret during a rich, indulgent lunch. Yes, combining the opulent sounds of three equally sumptuous (and fairly similar) late-Romantic string works – Webern’s Langsamer Satz and Richard...

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Nordic Nights: Concerts by Candlelight – The Guardian

**** Published 12 December 2013 The Christmas jumpers and sleigh bells weren't the only novelty in this Nordic-themed programme that showed Grieg in an unconventional light Scottish Ensemble concerts are never straight performances these days: there's always some perky twist. For this Nordic-themed programme there...

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Nordic Nights: Concerts by Candlelight – The Scotsman

* * * * Published 12 December 2013 There’s a lavish traditional banquet in Norway that consists of about 20 courses, the point of which is to keep returning to a meat dish amid the various excursions into spicier or sweeter diversions. The first half of last night’s seasonal Nordic Nights concert by the...

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