Mozart & Moz-art at The Queen's Hall - The Arts Desk

Published Thursday 30 October I declare an interest. In the last 10 years or so the Scottish Ensemble has twice, at my invitation, visited the Borders village where I live, about thirty miles south of Edinburgh. On both occasions the ensemble performed a rich and challenging programme in front of a rural audience...

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Mozart & Moz-art at The Queen's Hall - The Herald

Published Friday 31 October ***** With a programme comprising music by Mozart and Haydn, along with "contemporary comments" by Arvo Part and Alfred Schnittke, the Scottish Ensemble displayed a remarkable chameleon-like quality as they explored these various works with intelligence, wit and finesse. At once producing...

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Mozart & Moz-art at The Queen's Hall - The Scotsman

Published Saturday 30 October  *** Tuesday's Edinburgh concert by the Scottish Ensemble focused undue attention on how important venue and ambience are to the success of a musical event, especially one such as this, which revolved around the crystalline luminescence of Mozart. In what way was the...

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20th-Century Perspectives: City Spaces & Strings - Amati Magazine

Published 15 September 2014 ***** Even by the Scottish Ensemble's convention-challenging standards, their latest project was enormously ambitious. Working with Glasgow-based visual artist Toby Paterson - who takes his inspiration from (among other things) the geometry and design of 1960s and 70s urban architecture -...

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20th-Century Perspectives: City Spaces & Strings - The Herald

Published 15 September 2014 "Re-defining the string orchestra" has been the Scottish Ensemble's motto for some time; more and more, they're risking the kind of projects with the imagination and dynamism to live up to it. They're getting out of standard concert formats, determinedly crafting an image to appeal to a...

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20th-Century Perspectives: City Spaces & Strings - The Scotsman

Published 15 September 2014 ***** A secret derelict location, pop-up bar and edgy contemporary music, this radical collaboration between the Scottish Ensemble and visual artist Toby Paterson delivered much more than it promised. In 20th-Century Perspectives: City Spaces & Strings, the tired shibboleths...

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Commonwealth Strings - The Herald

Published 27 August 2014 ***** RIGHT: pens down, hats off, and hands together. In 30 years of this business, I might not have seen it all, but I have seen a decent bit of it. I have heard the Scottish Ensemble in great form, routine form and, very occasionally, slightly off form. But I never expect to hear them...

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Commonwealth Strings - The Scotsman

Published 27 August 2014 **** In a no-holds-barred blockbuster of a programme yesterday morning, the Scottish Ensemble appeared in collaboration with Commonwealth Strings, an initiative linked to this year’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games to highlight the talents of young classical players from Commonwealth...

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Seavaigers - The Herald

Published 2 May 2014 ***** It’s years now since Jonathan Morton, artistic director of the Scottish Ensemble, outlined to me his philosophy in a mission statement for the group: “Re-defining the string orchestra”, from that point to be incorporated into the group’s title. And since then that...

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Seavaigers - The Telegraph

The audience could have been sitting around a Shetland fireside  at this mixed concert of Scottish folk and classical music **** Published 2 May 2014 It was a typically enterprising programme that artistic director Jonathan Morton had cooked up for the Scottish Ensemble’s Scottish-themed season...

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